EPA Proposes New Rules Concerning Natural Gas Drilling

Today, the EPA released it’s first regulations concerning gas drilling which is a massively growing industry not only here in WV but throughout the country. These first rules concern the capture of gases that escape the wells during the fracking process. Companies drilling will now have to capture 95% of smog producing products that escape during fracking; however, there is a supposed benefit to this requirement – that most of these compounds can be captured and sold therefore making this an investment rather than a regulation.  We will have to see what the industry itself reacts but it will most likely be negative since all regulation whether for the benefit of citizens or not is seen as tax that violates their rights.  While this is the first step in the EPA proposals, many are still waiting to hear how the agency will plan on regulating the facking water and the chemicals used since this seems to be the most contentious issue.  According to The Hill, the EPA will finalize the regulations on Fracking by Feb. 28, 2012.


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