Another Town Bans Marcellous Drilling

Today, the Wheeling Intelligencer is reporting that the town of New Martinsville will join Wellsburg, Morganown, and Pittsburgh in banning the natural gas drilling within city limits.  The report cites several city official worried about the affects drilling will have on the town’s drinking water, however, they reserve the right to readdress the issue in the future.  Interestingly, the Post-Gazette reports that Pittsburgh seems to moving towards holding a voter referendum on the issue of drilling within city limits.  I think that this perhaps the most democratic way to see if a city’s population wants to test the positives and negatives of gas drilling.  It is much better than the city council saying we banned natural gas drilling for the greater good.  But, I suspect that if put to a vote the referendum will fail and drilling will remain banned within city limits.


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