1987 EPA Report on Fracking

In a recently released 1987 report, the EPA documented a case in West Virginia when fracking fluid migrated into a well used for drinking water leaving behind a gel-like substance.  This stands in contrast to the EPA’s current position that they is clear connection and that further studies must be done.  Unfortunately, for those against hydraulic fracking, the substance was never chemically tested and therefore the exact relationship between fracking and pollution remains ambiguous.  This demonstrates a failure in the EPA’s responsibility to protect drinking water and reveals why now more than ever it should be public knowledge what chemicals are used in the fracking process – these are no longer trade secrets as every company has concoction of chemicals.  The only reason to refuse transparency is that they know of or assume that they are guilty of poisoning wells in the past.  Without revelation and transparency, these natural gas companies will never be perceived as illegitimate and irresponsible to the citizens.


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