Marcellus Jobs Moving South

News outlets are reporting that an ethane cracker, which would be used to process ethane into ethylene and could create hundreds of jobs in the norther panhandle, is now be planned for Louisiana rather here in WV. This again proves that these gas companies, most of which are based in the south, have no plans to build up this area economically.  Just as the coal companies mine the coal in the southern part of the state to power the power the north east, the gas companies will drill up here and the take the natural resources and revenue somewhere else. We may be rich in natural resources here in WV, but as long as companies based outside the state take the resources and revenue we will remain a poor state.  The politicians of this state are too worried about enriching themselves and getting re-elected than the people of the state.  If they truly cared, they would require that these business that operate here must create so a specific number of jobs or reinvest so much revenue in the sate.  This may reak of regulation but how is this state ever to improve itself when we allow corporations to rob us and take the proceeds home.  The state will contiune to spiral in poverty, obesity, and drug use unless the the voters recognize that our politicians and their corporate friends are swindling us.


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