Fiscal Military States in Early Modern Europe

According to Nicholas Henshall, historians have long misinterpreted the term “absolutism.”  The term “absolutism” emerged after the fall of the ancien regime and came to describe “a highly centralized and despotic government ruled by an all-powerful monarch authority extended to all parts of the realm and was not subjected to any constitutional, aristocratic, or legalContinue reading “Fiscal Military States in Early Modern Europe”

Diem’s Final Failure

In Philip Catton’s Diem’s Final Failure, the author examines the government of President Ngo Dinh Diem in South Vietnam from 1954 – 1963 and argues that the conflict between the United States and the Diem government resulted from a “clash of visions” on the methods of modernization and nation building (Catton 2). Catton develops thisContinue reading “Diem’s Final Failure”

Night Will Fall

Night Will Fall is a 2014 documentary that examines World War II film crews from the three Allied powers who captured the liberation of Nazi concentration camps and killing centers.  The chilling footage captured by these film crews was meant to be part of documentary film overseen by Sidney Berstein, but the contingencies of the ColdContinue reading “Night Will Fall”

Relationship Between Business Taxes and College Tuition in WV

Today, the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy posted a story comparing the relationship between higher education tuition and business tax incentives.  They basically show and argue that state’s tax incentives used to attract business to West Virginia is rapidly increasing higher education tuition. I agree that state’s across the country are doing aContinue reading “Relationship Between Business Taxes and College Tuition in WV”

Why I think the Digital Humanities are Important

Two weeks ago, I attended my second THATCamp.  Unlike the THATCamp I went to last summer at George Mason, which had many of the Digital Humanities heavy hitters in attendance, the THATCamp held at my home institution was comparably smaller, but no less enthusiastic about digital humanities.  The English department hosted my university’s THATCamp asContinue reading “Why I think the Digital Humanities are Important”