Night Will Fall

Night Will Fall is a 2014 documentary that examines World War II film crews from the three Allied powers who captured the liberation of Nazi concentration camps and killing centers.  The chilling footage captured by these film crews was meant to be part of documentary film overseen by Sidney Berstein, but the contingencies of the ColdContinue reading “Night Will Fall”

Gangs of New York, Nativism, and the American Immigrant Experience

“You see this knife?  I’m gonna to teach you to speak English with this fucking knife!”  This phrase screamed by Bill “the Butcher” Cutting in Martin Scorsese’s 2002 film Gangs of New York reveals the nativist sentiment of 19thcentury New York City.  Those who recall the movie remember that the Butcher styled himself a trueContinue reading “Gangs of New York, Nativism, and the American Immigrant Experience”