Thoughts on Britain

Waking up in Europe today, it is hard not feel a sense disbelief.  Britain’ decision to leave the EU is very troublesome and creates more uncertainty in world that is already unstable.  This vote undermines the entire European project that has sought greater integration since the Second Word War – a project established to preventContinue reading “Thoughts on Britain”

Night Will Fall

Night Will Fall is a 2014 documentary that examines World War II film crews from the three Allied powers who captured the liberation of Nazi concentration camps and killing centers.  The chilling footage captured by these film crews was meant to be part of documentary film overseen by Sidney Berstein, but the contingencies of the ColdContinue reading “Night Will Fall”

Relationship Between Business Taxes and College Tuition in WV

Today, the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy posted a story comparing the relationship between higher education tuition and business tax incentives.  They basically show and argue that state’s tax incentives used to attract business to West Virginia is rapidly increasing higher education tuition. I agree that state’s across the country are doing aContinue reading “Relationship Between Business Taxes and College Tuition in WV”

It’s been awhile – Mass Review

Been very busy around here with work and vacations so I’m going to briefly summarize and opinionate my thoughts on these books. 1. A Women in Berlin by Anonymous – I was expecting  a lot out of this book and came away somewhat disappointed.  This work is actually a diary written by a female thatContinue reading “It’s been awhile – Mass Review”