Diem’s Final Failure

In Philip Catton’s Diem’s Final Failure, the author examines the government of President Ngo Dinh Diem in South Vietnam from 1954 – 1963 and argues that the conflict between the United States and the Diem government resulted from a “clash of visions” on the methods of modernization and nation building (Catton 2). Catton develops thisContinue reading “Diem’s Final Failure”

Night Will Fall

Night Will Fall is a 2014 documentary that examines World War II film crews from the three Allied powers who captured the liberation of Nazi concentration camps and killing centers.  The chilling footage captured by these film crews was meant to be part of documentary film overseen by Sidney Berstein, but the contingencies of the ColdContinue reading “Night Will Fall”

Civil-Military Relations and the Cult of the Offensive in the First World War

David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer at out the outbreak of the First World War and later Prime Minister of Great Britain, famously wrote that World War I was not the responsibility of any particular nation but rather the fault of all European nations – “[t]he nations slithered over the brink into the boilingContinue reading “Civil-Military Relations and the Cult of the Offensive in the First World War”

Peter Gatrell – Russia’s First World War

Peter Gatrell’s book Russia’s First World War explores the social and economic developments that occurred in Russia during the First World War.  This short overview of the war and its affects within Russia is a synthesis that combines the existing research along with selected archival documents.  In examining the economic and social aspects of Russia,Continue reading “Peter Gatrell – Russia’s First World War”

Conscripts and Deserters – Alan Forrest

The rise of nationalism is often attributed to the French Revolution when the people of France removed the yoke of the Ancien Régime, established a republican government, and enthusiastically entered the military to defend la Patrie from counterrevolutionary forces.  However, this militant nationalism lasted only briefly as the French Revolutionary Wars progressed into Napoleonic Wars. Continue reading “Conscripts and Deserters – Alan Forrest”