Research Assistance

Having written a dissertation and worked as part of archival digitization project during my postdoc, I have years of experience working in archives in the United States and Europe, including the the US National Archives, the British National Archives, the German Federal Archives, the Bavarian State Archives, the Dutch National Archives, the Dutch Institute for War Documentation, and the International Institute of Social History.

Since I am now based in the Netherlands, I offer a variety of services for writers, scholars, and genealogists looking for archival research assistance in the Netherlands or Germany.


If you know exactly what you need, I can go to the archive and photograph or scan the files for you. I can then send or share the files with you.

Inventory Work

If you are beginning a project and are unsure where to start, if you need someone to look around for you and do some preliminary investigations, or if you think there might be something but you don’t know exactly what, I can work through inventories for you and produce you a list of relevant materials.

Reference Checking

If you need someone to check a few quotes or dates or page references, I can go and collect what you need and send you over the information.


For pricing information, please contact me at