Victims, Memory, and the Holocaust

When Raul Hilberg published the first academic study of the Holocaust in 1961, Jewish scholars and intellects harshly criticized the author in public forums.  The criticism focused on Hilberg’s adamancy that 6 million Jews passively accepted their extermination by the Nazi regime and offered no resistance.  Hilberg argued that his narrative of the Holocaust wasContinue reading “Victims, Memory, and the Holocaust”

Where Have all the Soldiers Gone? – James Sheehan

In James Sheehan’s 2003 book, Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? the Stanford scholar asks why/how did Europe go from a highly militarized society to civilian society we see today.  This is a very important question to ask and one that Sheehan addresses aptitude.  While not a total history, the study encompasses the 20th andContinue reading “Where Have all the Soldiers Gone? – James Sheehan”